Saturday, October 11, 2008

My first post! WEE!?


I was suppose to blog 2 hours ago...but I couldn't think of anything to I watched 2 movies in a row..instead. X) Well, I watched Penelope and then Deception. Can't say I love it, it has good actors and all but I just don't appreciate films like that. Okay..Penelope was pretty darn boring. And Deception, what can I say, there's like Ewan Mcgregor and Hugh Jackman, the actor from Moulin Rouge and X-Men. I mean, seriously you would think it is a good watch...Lol..never mind. Okay, so the class blog isn't about my life only lar, k? Anyway, a week has passed since our last holidays~ I haven't got any chance to ask around what did u guys do~ I like my hols minus the homework part though. Oh and here's a picture I drew during statistics class.

Seriously, I never knew 30 mins could be so darn long! It felt like a day in the class.
Ok, look, I'm not the best artist in the world but I managed to squeeze each and everyone into the pic. :) So, spot yourselves! I've put numbers beside each character.

HEHE... I'm number 1!

Ok..i'm sorry they all LOOKED almost the same..

Anyway, have a great weekend! Look forward to see u guys again on Monday...... Adious amigos!

xoxo, Gorgeousness (OK FINE. IT'S YVONNE. )


pRiScILLa said...

nice! yvonne!! lolx.....i m the first to comment oh...!! gorgeousness! haha..ur drawing look so cute!!it's juz like u ^.^

hweehsia said...

Me and jasmin is no. 11 and 12 right?^^

Born Of Grace said...

lol!! hey GORGEOUS *cough cough* this is real cute :P

Born Of Grace said...

oh btw, it's El bah.