Friday, October 17, 2008


Yo ppl, Wazzup? ....its 18th of October, 2008......and its officially Rohan's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you Rohan, once again. All the best to you and hope you have a FANTABULOUS time =D

haha this is our second class party, ppl were not as wild as before (like throwing cakes to each other --remember wat happened =P scaaary) We all had fun =D I would like to say Thankyou to Hea Sang for organizing it and for goin all the way and buy the cake, thx so much~~ ; Hope everybody enjoyed the cake as well =)

Thrs a no. of photos we took, and here it is:

the Banana Chocolate cake =)

Singing Happy Birthday, (This is quite a cool but freaky photo =P )

Rohan cutting the cake =)

Class photo...but thr are still some ppl missin =(

Hope everyone had fun =DD

after all the fun and excitement, it is sad to say that we have to start revising and studying, ish.

(hehe sorry guyz, i just had to mention it =PPP ) Well best of luck to y'all for bio and our lan test next week =) good luck studyin and hav a great(?) weekend =D

luv y'all, take care. xx. jo

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yafuizzz said...

nice one jo! Happy Burpsday Rohan! XD