Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trials Result is out!!

Pls login your student portal and check ur results... All the best, ppl!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Contradicting With PM19 lecturers..Hahaha

PM19-ians, This is an important announcement...

During this 2 weeks of holiday, pls enjoy every single hour of the day by playing, movies, shopping, cc, etc..

For most of the girls in PM19, pls do remember to watch "boys over flower" so that we can excel well in "CHEMISTRY"...Shop more to improve our MATH by training our brain to count money.

For guys, go cc everyday.Train your brain for THINKING SKILLS...Pls do go for workout too, for PHYSICal fitness.

I can't link anything with BIOLOGY la... Please add on in our comment or chatbox...Thanks;)


Thursday, March 5, 2009

animology test... make sure u guys try it, k...

1) Would you classify yourself as someone who is involved in sports? (Ex. You take soccer)
a) Yes(Go to question 2)
b) No(Go to question 3)

2) You would classify yourself as:
a) A nerd/loser(go to question 7)
b) A bully(go to question 3)
c) An average guy/girl(go to question 5)

3) Would you accept money from a stranger?
a) Yes(Go to question 5)
b) No(Go to question 4)

4) If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
a) Oak(Go to question 10)
b) Weeping Willow(Go to question 8)
c) Fir Tree(Go to question 9)

5) A movie you wanted to see closed down. What will you do?
a) Go home(go to question 7)
b) Go see a different movie(go to question 6)
c) Go do something else(go to question 4)

6) A mysterious stranger arrives at your house. You are most likely to:
a) Greet him/her(go to question 8)
b) Hide and make him/her think that you're not home(go to question 9)
c) Call the police(go to question 7)

7) Would you call yourself strong(physically or mentally… Which ever you want)?
a) Yes(go to question 8)
b) No(Go to question 10)

8) There is an earthquake. What will you do?
a) Go out and help anyone in need(go to question 10)
b) Go to a safe place(go to question 9)
c) Panic and wait for someone to help you(Go to Profile P)

9) You buy ice cream, and a kid comes up to you and tells you he's really hungry and hasn't eaten in days. Your reaction will be:
a) To stick the ice cream in his face and run away(go to profile Y)
b) To ignore him and eat your ice cream(go to profile A)
c) To give him your ice cream(Go to Question 11)

10) Your friend challenges you to a game. What will your answer be?
a) "Bring it on!"(go to question 11)
b) "Leave me alone!"(go to question 14)
c) "Sorry, but I really don't feel like it."(go to question 12)

11) You are going to take a quiz(like the one in school). Your score is most likely to be:
a) Perfect(go to Profile B)
b) Enough to pass(go to question 12)
c) A failing mark. I don't actually care anyways. (go to Profile R)

12) How many friends do you have?
a) One only(go to question 13)
b) About three to five(go to question 18)
c) A LOT!(go to question 14)

13) Are you constantly:
a) Bullied?(go to question 15)
b) Feared by others?(go to Profile G)
c) Idolized?(go to profile D)

14) The food you eat is usually:
a) Cheap(go to question 17)
b) Expensive(go to question 16)
c) Both! I love food!(go to question 22)

15) Do you believe in the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?"
a) Yes(go to profile C)
b) No(Go to Profile F)

16) Do you believe in true love?
a) Yes(go to question 17)
b) No(Go to question 22)

17) You see your crush. You are most likely to:
a) Flirt with him/her(go to Profile E)
b) Run away(go to question 20)
c) Act mean to him/her(go to Profile L)

18) One of your bad traits(among these) are:
a) Being noisy/talkative(go to Profile W)
b) None at all. I'm perfect!(go to Profile I)
c) Being shy(go to question 19)

19) What do you think about nerds/geeks/smart people?
a) They're okay(go to Profile H)
b) EWWWWW!!!!!!(Go to question 21)

20) Someone asks you: "What do you know about the Industrial Revolution?". Your response would be:
a) "Yawn….."(go to Profile J)
b) "Oh, I know all about it!"(go to question 23)
c) "Umm….. I think I remember it from somewhere…"(Go to profile M)

21) Someone goes up to you and says: "Did you know that eating glue makes your brain stronger?". Your initial response would be:
a) Really?!(go to question 23)
b) Yeah, right!(go to Profile U)

22) If you were in a human food chain, where would you put yourself?
a) At the bottom….. I'm low-class….(Go to Profile X)
b) At the very top! I'm the predator of all predators!(Go to Profile N)c) Somewhere in the middle, I guess…..(Go to Profile O)

23) Would you call yourself hardworking?
a) Yes(go to profile K)
b) No(go to question 24)
c) Uhhh…… Sometimes(go to profile Q)

24) If you had a special power, which power would you want to have?
a) The power to be invisible(Go to Profile T)
b) The power to be the greatest person on Earth!(Go to Profile S)
c) The power to be the fastest thing alive!(Go to Profile V)
d) I don't need special powers. I only need to be myself(Go to question 25)

25) You are known as:
a) A loner(Go to Profile Z)
b) A good friend to all(Go to Profile AB)
c) A food expert(Go to profile AC)
d) A majorly fun person(Go to Profile AD)
e) A person with a split personality(Go to Profile AE)

-------------------------------PROFILES LISTED BELOW!!!!------------------------------

A. Peach Pig
-You are a big, lazy slob. Yet, you have a lot of strength but are afraid to use it.
-Soul mate: Magenta Squirrel
-In conflict with: Ocre and gray Dolphin

B. Blue Fox
-You are a born leader who cannot resist a challenge. You are driven to excel and a perfectionist.
-Soul mate: Yellow Trout
-In conflict with: Indigo Beaver

C. Pink Sloth
-You are an outcast; A follower, socially inept. You are the lowest of all animology, mainly because you smell of overripe fruit.
-Soul mate: Silver Badger
-In conflict with: Tawny Mouse

D. Teal Cat
-You are as swift as a ninja. You can be soft-hearted and cruel at the same time, and extremely hard to please
-Soul mate: Beige raccoon
-In conflict with: Red Jaguar

E. Yellow Trout
-You are extremely self-centered and only think of yourself. You are also very whiny and annoying to others, but you are able to get away with it. Aside from that, you have slow reactions, except when you're in love.
-Soul mate: Blue fox
-In conflict with: Green Puppy

F. Blue Baboon
-An aggressive animology, especially to your enemies. You also have quick reflexes, but it takes you an unnaturally long time to remember something.
-Soul mate: Purple bat
-In conflict with: Red weasel

G. Red Weasel
-You are an extreme know-it-all, even if you're not perfect. You are also noisy, but far from hardworking.
-Soul mate: Brown Iguana
-In conflict with: Blue baboon

H. Silver Badger
-You are very loyal to others and hardworking. You are a good friend, even if others find you sometimes a bit boring.
-Soul mate: Pink Sloth
-In conflict with: White Tiger

I. Orange Snake
-Like the snake itself, you are cunning and very boastful. You love to be the best, even if you're not, but you try hard enough.
-Soul mate: Periwinkle Cow
-In conflict with: Gray Chicken

J. Green Puppy
-You are very patient, but often moody. You like to strike when least expected, even if you're not exactly what one would call observant.
-Soul mate: Fuchsia Possum
-In conflict with: Yellow Trout

K. Indigo Beaver
-You are very resourceful and patient, but you are often naïve and fall for others' traps. Luckily, you get out of most of them.
-Soul mate: Lavender cheetah
-In conflict with: Blue fox

L. Purple Bat
-You are often blind to the world, and because of this, you use your heart to sense things. Yet, you are feared by other animologies, because you don't always listen to what your heart has to say, and you end up doing cruel things.
-Soul mate: Blue baboon
-In conflict with: Golden Lion

M. Black Sheep
-You are different from other animologies. Even if some people think you are weak and are a disgrace, your heart always remains strong and pure.
-Soul mate: Maroon Panda
-In conflict with: Magenta Squirrel

N. Golden Lion
-You consider yourself as the king of all animologies and have a lot of dignity. But despite this statement, you are lazy and often end up embarrassing yourself.
-Soul mate: White Tiger
-In conflict with: Silver Badger

O. Brown Iguana
-You are quiet and often stay in one place pondering your next move. You are not a threat to other animologies, even if your strikes are quite lethal.
-Soul mate: Red Weasel
-In conflict with: Fuchsia Possum

P. Gray Chicken
-You are cowardly, and quick to react. When danger strikes, you immediately run away, only thinking of yourself.
-Soul mate: Tawny Mouse
-In conflict with: Orange Snake

Q. White Tiger
-You are unique; A graceful yet cunning animology. Yet, even with your strength, you are very easy prey to others.
-Soul mate: Golden Lion
-In conflict with: Silver Badger

R. Scarlet Bear
-You are constantly a bully to others, but wit is your ultimate weakness. Another disadvantage is that you're slow, but make up with your great amount of strength.
-Soul mate: Saffron Rabbit
-In conflict with: Periwinkle Cow

S. Red Jaguar
-Extremely quick, but you are easy to trick. All of your senses are quite strong, but you get caught, mainly because of too much pride in yourself, which causes insecurity.
-Soul mate: Tan Giraffe
-In conflict with: Teal Cat

T. Tawny Mouse
-A shy and quiet animology, but when you're by yourself, you are very active and peppy. Even if you are timid, you have a strong inner self.
-Soul mate: Gray Chicken
-In conflict with: Pink Sloth

U. Bronze Goat
-You are hard working, but only think of yourself. Yet, you are very clever and often self-confident.
-Soul mate: Ocre and gray Dolphin
-In conflict with: Beige Raccoon

V. Saffron Rabbit
-You are shy but pure, and quick. You are sensitive but friendly. However, you can never seem to stay in one place.
-Soul mate: Scarlet bear
-In conflict with: Lavender Cheetah

W. Fuchsia Possum
-You are extremely talkative, peppy, and like to make a lot of noise. People sometimes find you annoying, but you don't care because you always love to have fun.
-Soul mate: Green Puppy
-In conflict with: Brown Iguana

X. Periwinkle Cow
-You are lazy but content with your simple life. Aside from this, you are very helpful, even if you won't admit it.
-Soul mate: Orange Snake
-In conflict with: Scarlet Bear

Y. Lavender Cheetah
-You are the fastest and most agile of all animologies. Because of this, sometimes you do things immediately without even stopping to think, and bad things occur to you.
-Soul mate: Indigo Beaver
-In conflict with: Saffron Rabbit

Z. Tan Giraffe
-You are much of a loner, but you are brave and are a quick thinker. You like helping others, but you keep it a secret.-Soul mate: Red Jaguar
-In conflict with: Maroon Panda

AB. Beige Raccoon
-You are the nervous type, and are always unsure of yourself. Yet, you are nice, friendly and quite smart and sarcastic.
-Soul mate: Teal Cat
-In conflict with: Bronze Goat

AC. Maroon Panda
-You are very picky, but extremely exact and accurate about everything. It often takes you a long time to make decisions, but you often get good results.
-Soul mate: Black sheep
-In conflict with: Tan Giraffe

AD. Ocre and gray (OG) Dolphin
-You are a good friend to others, and love to have fun. People lighten up because of you, even if sometimes you act pretty weird.
-Soul mate: Bronze goat
-In conflict with: Peach Pig

AE. Magenta Squirrel
-You are good company and are always in a good mood, but you can be odd and slow at times
-Soul mate: Peach Pig
-In conflict with: Black Sheep

AF. Silver and Red (SR) Wolf
-You are strong and most of the time naïve, but when it comes to love you know it all, you prefer to be quiet around Adults.
-Soul mate: gold falcon
-In conflicted with: maroon panda

AG. Gold Falcon
-You are a very smart person and you are aggressive too, although you let your pride get in the way sometimes, you are very good in romantic situation.
- Soul mate: silver and red wolf
-In conflict with: Teal Cat

Friday, December 26, 2008

Semester Result

Oh no, our semester results came out d!!

Go to student portal and check it out...
1) Go to taylors college student portal and login
2) Then you'll reach ur homepage. Click on Programme
3) On your left hand side, click on academic result..

Before you do those steps, remember to buy some chocolates. Chocolates make us happy..Haha
Or Priscilla's idea: watch your favorite movie but not the sad one la^^ or do some of ur favorites(eg: sports).

Those who are satisfied with their result, Congratulations!! For those who not, strives harder in the future..You'll be more happier if you get better result next time. By the way, this is how I console myself.. hehe

All the best everyone...
Happy New Year too..


Friday, October 17, 2008


Yo ppl, Wazzup? ....its 18th of October, 2008......and its officially Rohan's Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to you Rohan, once again. All the best to you and hope you have a FANTABULOUS time =D

haha this is our second class party, ppl were not as wild as before (like throwing cakes to each other --remember wat happened =P scaaary) We all had fun =D I would like to say Thankyou to Hea Sang for organizing it and for goin all the way and buy the cake, thx so much~~ ; Hope everybody enjoyed the cake as well =)

Thrs a no. of photos we took, and here it is:

the Banana Chocolate cake =)

Singing Happy Birthday, (This is quite a cool but freaky photo =P )

Rohan cutting the cake =)

Class photo...but thr are still some ppl missin =(

Hope everyone had fun =DD

after all the fun and excitement, it is sad to say that we have to start revising and studying, ish.

(hehe sorry guyz, i just had to mention it =PPP ) Well best of luck to y'all for bio and our lan test next week =) good luck studyin and hav a great(?) weekend =D

luv y'all, take care. xx. jo

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shannon:U want to Sleep?

Guide to Habits that Promote Better Sleep

1 Bedtime should be fairly regular, but should also be flexible. You should have a regular “target bedtime,” but it is acceptable to go to bed somewhat earlier or later, depending on when you get sleepy. It is best to allow yourself some freedom to choose when to go to bed each night, based upon when you feel physically ready to sleep.

2 Limit caffeine and avoid caffeine within eight hours of bedtime. Caffeine is a fairly strong stimulant found in coffee, tea, and many soft drinks. Chocolate contains a substance similar to caffeine.

3 Avoid nicotine within one hour of bedtime and throughout the sleep period. Nicotine can stimulate the nervous system and interfere with sleep.

4 Avoid alcohol within four to six hours of bedtime. You may be surprised to hear this, but alcohol near bedtime is considered a negative sleep habit. It can lead to very restless and non-refreshing sleep.

5 As a general rule, avoid late evening activities that increase alertness. Avoid stressful or demanding activities later in the evening. For example, avoid trying to solve personal problems near bedtime. It is valuable to have “unwinding” activities just before bedtime.

6 A “ritual” or routine set of behaviors right before bedtime can have a soothing effect. These well-learned habits or “bedtime ritual” are part of getting the body and mind ready for sleep.

7 Hunger disturbs sleep. A light bedtime snack may help you sleep.

8 A variety of environmental factors can affect sleep negatively. Your bedroom should feel safe and comfortable, and contain a minimum of obstacles to good sleep. It is important to study your sleep setting and make any needed changes. For instance, too much light shining in your room is an easily changed factor.

9 Avoid looking at the clock during the time when you are trying to sleep. Looking at the clock during the night can increase worry about sleep and focus your attention on any difficulty with sleep that you may be having. It is best to turn the clock around, so it is facing away from you.
Staying in bed for a long period of time can work against you. Avoid extending your time in the bed at night. Avoid being there too long. An extra long period of time in bed can lead to restless sleep on the following night.

10 A consistent sleep schedule contributes to predictable results. It is also desirable to maintain a regular time of arising each day. Sleep schedule consistency will strengthen the 24-hour rhythm of sleep and waking.

11 Naps are risky for anyone who has difficulty sleeping at night. It is recommended that adults aim to get their sleep in one long sleep period each day. Many people who take naps have increased difficulty sleeping at night if they take a nap in the daytime.

12 A steady daily amount of exercise probably deepens sleep.

13 Occasional exercise, though, does not necessarily improve sleep the following night.

14 Worry about sleep is one of the main enemies of sleep. The ability to avoid excessive worry about sleep does not come easy. It takes practice and flexibility. If you habitually worry a lot about sleep, it would be good to focus that “worry” energy on the goal of improving your other sleep habits.

From Yours truly, The Sleeping Chindian, (former)'

Haiya its me la Shannon.. Dun Sleep so late yea.. Take care..