Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy birthday to all the september babies! ^.^

hoho!! my first POST! september babies,happy birthday aGaIn!! All my best wishes to u guys! n yeah, i didn't noe tues was daniel's birthday,though our class were celebrating september babies' birthday together(blur me >.<) sorry for not wishing You! haha...Happy belated birthday daniel!i wana thanks hae sang n seoung yoon(oOps..dont mind yeah if i spelled ur name wrongly!^.^) oso for taking the trouble to buy the cake for us!!thanks!! pai seh..lolx....i m not good in describing!so, i juz uploaded some photos i took on that day. There are quite few of them, if any of u guys had some different one with you, do upload them yeah!! waiTING for YOU~~

Here are the photos:

nICe~~~YummY yuMmy!!
singing birthday song XD
Happy birthday!!
sAy cHeEse! luv u guys!! muaks


hweehsia said...

Well done, Priscilla... It was a good post..Keep it up^^

pRiScILLa said...

lolx!! reli?! thanks!

0806PM19 said...

Nice Nice Nice^^ kkkk
But I can't save the photos TT
send me thru my e-mail plz TT